The easiest procedure to import your old world files is as follows:

  1. Compress/archive your "world" folder to a zip-file. If you are importing a singleplayer world, see below where your world files are located.
  2. Go to your server at our server panel, then to the "File Manager" tab.
  3. Upload the zip-file you just made by simply dragging it in to the browser window in the File Managers root folder (the folder where the server.jar, and whitelist is).
  4. Mark the zip file, then click on "Unarchive".

Now, your world is uploaded and you can start your server!

Minecraft singleplayer game worlds are stored in:

Windows: %appdata%. minecraft\saves\
GNU/Linux: ~/. minecraft/saves/
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/

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