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365Hosts Service Level Agreement This is the 365Hosts Service Level Agreement (SLA), our pledge to customers of 365Hosts, to maintain a high level of service availability across our shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server product lines. Within this SLA you will find the actual service uptime parameters we work within, and also additional information regarding resource usage, data ownership, etc. Services. Within this document, we will use the word “services” or “service” as a single term to describe any or all of the web hosting services we offer. This includes: • Shared hosting • Reseller hosting • Virtual private servers (VPS) • Dedicated servers Technical Support Offering 365Hosts offers all of our products as a managed service. However, our technical support offering is slightly different between shared hosting packages and VPS or dedicated servers. For our shared and reseller hosting, technical support is provided free of charge, 24x7, 365 days a year. We will attempt to solve all problems as rapidly as we can. For our VPS and dedicated servers, technical support is provided free of charge, 24x, 365 days a year. We will attempt to solve all problems as rapidly as we can. However, due to the fact that our senior server administrators and tech support staff work on a shift schedule, you may need to wait for a shift change, until the correct person to fix your problem is available. Billing and Account Issues If you need to formally contact 365Hosts due to a billing or account problem that has not been resolved to your liking, then please use the postal address provided on our contact page to send us any official or legal correspondence. Our Escalation Process If a customer is dissatisfied with the service 365Hosts is providing, we have a process in place for escalating the issue to a senior member of the management team. If our technical support or customer support department fails to solve an issue within the parameters laid out in this agreement, please contact the Hosting Product Manager at the address specified on our contact page. Upon receiving such a complaint, the Hosting Product Manager will review the issue within 1 working day, and once this investigation has been completed, they will contact the client the next working day. If the Hosting Product Manager believes that a longer investigation is warranted, the client will be informed within 1 working day. Control Panel and Self-Management 365Hosts provides a number of online tools, such as cPanel, as well as a comprehensive support knowledgebase, to our clients. Every client is free to use these tools and resources to action their own administration and management. Additionally, technical support will always be available to help customers uses these tools and resources. If the client needs an administration or management task carried out that the available tools do not cover, then tech support will action the task for the client. Service Availability 365Hosts is committed to providing robust and high-performance hosting services. Below, you will find our assured availability levels of each type of hosting product. • Shared and reseller hosting – 365Hosts offers a 99.9% monthly uptime guarantee, excluding planned and scheduled maintenance. Availability will be defined as being able to successfully retrieve the HTTP header of the primate website being hosted. We do not monitor the availability of every website hosted on a single hosting package. • VPS and dedicated servers - 365Hosts offers a 99.9% monthly uptime guarantee, excluding planned and scheduled maintenance. Availability will be defined as being able to successfully access the server using SSH. We do not monitor HTTP traffic across VPS or dedicated servers. • Monitoring – 365Hosts does automatically monitor shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers to ensure they are functioning. We attempt to receive HTTP headers every few minutes. If this fails, we will attempt to fetch HTTP headers again some minutes later. If, after several failed attempts the service is still non-operational, one of two things happen. 1) for shared and reseller hosting, a case will be opened with tech support. For VPS or dedicated server hosting, we will attempt to restart the service. The downtime will be recorded as the number of minutes between the initial failure, and when the service is once again available. Outages of less than 5 minutes are not recorded. • Email service – 365Hosts guarantees a 99.9% availability of email services. We define service availability as being able to send mail via SMPT and receive mail via POP3. We do not monitor individual mail accounts; we only monitor the email service as a whole. Mail service availability that is affected by Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, or mail bombing, will not be recorded as unscheduled downtime. 365Hosts pings our mail servers every few minutes, when the server fails to respond, a second attempt is made some minutes later. If this also fails, a case is opened with tech support. • Network availability – network availability is defined as the ability to transmit data across the network infrastructure owned and operated by the company. Interruptions in service due to problems with network infrastructure not managed by the company, will not be included in service availability statistics. Scheduled Maintenance 365Hosts reserves the right to carry out required administration, management and maintenance of all services, without it being recorded as unscheduled downtime. Clients will always be warned if scheduled maintenance is pending, and we will always try to schedule maintenance at low usage times. Resource Limits For hosting packages that are provided with certain limits, such as data storage, bandwidth, etc. we reserve the right to put these services into offline mode if these limits have been reached and sustained for some time. Furthermore, any customer who is hosting applications that cause high CPU or memory usage of shared resources, will have their service suspended until such time as they can prove they have solved the problem causing the resource hogging. Data Ownership All data stored on any service that a client has a currently active subscription for, is the sole property of the client. 365Hosts will never allow anyone to access, copy, tamper with or delete this data, except when subpoenaed to do so by law enforcement agencies. The company will never access data on a hosting package that has been cancelled; we will simply delete it before the resources are provisioned for another client. The company will never retain any customer data once service has been terminated. Furthermore, as GDPR compliance requires, any client is able to request a copy of all private and personal data that 365Hosts has stored relating to them. This does not include data stored by the client on their own hosting services. GDPR, Privacy and Data Protection Please refer to our data privacy, data protection and GDPR policies that can be found elsewhere on this site. If you have any specific questions regarding these policies, please contact our customer service department.

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