SSD UK Hosting

We only host on HP enterprise SSD UK servers, keeping your services ultra reliable and fast.

R1Soft Elite Partners

We are Elite European partners to R1Soft - Server Backup Manager

Softaculous Installer

cPanel accounts come with Softaculous, enabling you to install over 450 scripts with one click, including WordPress.

FREE SSL Certificates

All of our Shared Web hosting plans come with FREE SSL Certificates.


Our Domain pricing is one of the most competitive on the internet.

Wordpress Hosting

All of our hosting plans are available with WordPress through our one click installer.

What web hosting do I need?

You have decided to start a new business, and you know that you need a new Website. The first thing you will discover is that you need >web hosting - that is, the server that your Website lives on. At this point, it is important to note that there are various different types of Hosting that will be available to you, and while they will all provide an online home for your Website - some will be more suitable than others for your website, and business. Types of hosting. The main types of hosting you will be presented with is dedicated servers, cloud server<, and Shared hosting. A dedicated server is a Server that is hosting only your Website, the customer pays to have a Server, dedicated to their Website alone, and no other accounts. Although this can be costly, it is necessary for larger companies storing lots of data, companies with major client data protection protocols or companies that want to guarantee their online service will never be effected by usage or misuse from other accounts. A cloud serveris a partition of a physical server, used to create its own virtual server. You can be the sole account on a cloud server, or share with limited multiple other accounts - it really is a hybrid of Dedicated Server Hosting and Shared Hosting, making it a good interim for customers not ready to commit to their own server. A Shared server is Server on which many different accounts - often hundreds of accounts are Hosted. A server is split between many customers until the Server storage reaches capacity. Paying for a smaller proportion of a large Server, rather than the whole Server is a much cheaper option, usually favoured by newer or smaller businesses or personal bloggers who need Web Presence on a budget.

All-Inclusive Pricing

All of the web hosting packages we offer, as well as our cloud and dedicated server products, are all inclusive of free technical support. We see these products as being a managed service. We will perform all server maintenance, applying operating system patches, performing software upgrades, etc. This removes the issue of support for you entirely. You are free to work on your website and business; you won’t need to spend time fixing technical problems.

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Migrating from another host?

There is a whole stack of reasons you may wish to move from your current web hosting provider, usually down to lack of customer support or poor service. We can migrate emails, CRM systems, and websites migration along with most other online data FREE of charge in a timely and efficient manner.

If you’re thinking you need to Migrate your Website, you might be anxious about what the procedure involves - after all, a lot of work has gone into your website, and you don’t want anything lost. At 365hosts.com we understand completely the worry involved, so whether you have no choice but to migrate, or you simply feel you’d be happier migrating elsewhere, 365Hosts have worked hard on making migrating your website as quick and as painless as possible.

What is Website Migration? Website migration is any event whereby your website will undertake a substantial change in areas that can greatly affect it’s functionality and SEO visibility.Typically a change to the websites location, structure, platform or design. Most commonly though, the term ‘website migration’ is used to describe the moving of a website from one hosting company and server, to another. Of all the services we offer at 365Hosts, we find migrations the most rewarding, and humbling, and we can’t wait to bring you on-board. That is why since day one at 365hosts we have offered website Migrations free of charge.

We know that migrations can be tricky, but thankfully for every challenging migration we have ever done, we have added another string to our bow enabling us to provide you with a totally confident and competent migration, and by this point, there is nothing we haven’t seen. Whether it is down to the platform and applications you are moving from and to, to cPanel access problems, MySQL connection issues or fitting you into the right hosting package for you, we know what to look for, we know what problems might arise and look to tackle them before they do. In short, we are ready for move your website-hosting, and will do what it takes to ensure a seamless transition.

Over the years we have developed a tried and tested procedure, followed by all of our developers that covers a whole array of checks for potential issues, compatibilities and any malware issues. However, as confident we are in knowing our strategy, we also embrace the fact that every website owner and every website comes with their own story, and as such we are careful to treat each migration as individual and valuable.

So thinking about Migrating your website? We want to welcome you to 365hosts. In fact it is so important to us, that we have ensured we can have absolutely confidence we can migrate your website onto our servers in a timely and smooth fashion, because when we can finally say Welcome! It’s all worth it.

Please get in touch with our migrations team via the Live Chat or call us on 020 3935 8008 and we will happily assist you.

Migration Enquiry

Business Hosting Migration

Do you need to move your website or data fast? We are specialists in Business hosting Migration from simple WordPress moves to complex solutions.

CRM Migrations

CRM systems are fragile things and we know what is required for a flawless Migration and how to keep things secure during and after the move.

Free website migrations

No cost to migrate sometimes we spend 2 weeks moving complex solutions but we never charge you for this service we work until its complete.

Email Migrations

We can migrate emails from all of the big providers, Gmail, Yahoo etc we will keep all of your folders and flagged emails for a seamless migration.

WordPress Migration Specialists

We move thousands of WordPress websites, we can actually do this with limited access, if your host has locked you out call us.

cPanel Migrations

We can move any data from cPanel in a time efficient manner, and we can guarantee a seamless Migration to the 365hosts platform.

Open Cart Migrations

One of our in house favourites, Opencart the powerhouse of commerce, we can move it and even migrate it to Woocommerce in WordPress if required.

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