• Tuesday, December 17, 2019
We are pleased to announce that 365hosts-status.com is now Live. Any downtime on any of our networks or services, scheduled maintenance, shared servers, VPS nodes, dedicated servers or reboot notifications will be updated on 365hosts-status.com

We have created a specialist team of support personnel to look after these updates, so if any server goes down OR if there are any network issues, updates will be posted on this website instantly.

This website has been specifically developed to provide a service status overview to all 365Hosts customers. We have taken the decision to host this away from our proprietary networks, meaning it is isolated from both our UK datacenters and our network infrastructure entierly, which should disaster strike within the UK you will have dedicated access to our server status regardless of our systems.

We also offer a subscription feed for service announcements & service checks; both of which are freely available to customers & anyone else who would find them useful: 365hosts-status.com