Website Performance Optimisation

Website Performance Optimisation.

The central fact of this era in Business and Economics is that everything is happening more and more quickly. In fact, we are so used to Ubers, self serve tills, and 10-minute pizza deliveries to our doors that nowadays it has just become a fact of life: We want everything- immediately.   

How well Optimised for Performance a Website is, is how you can tell a Website Designed as a placeholder, or a Website Designed to convert visitors into customers. Guess what – your potential customers can tell too! After all, an unimpressive Website Performance kills the customer experience before they even have a chance to view your products. If you kill customer experience, you just killed your bottom line, and sent your customers onto another Optimised Website!

Speed Sells.

  • Page speed: Page speed means the length of time between clicking the link to your Website, and the Website loading. It is the time it takes for the content to download from the Website Hosting Servers, to be displayed on the customer Web Browser.
  • Performance impacts Sales: Website Performance directly affects customer experience, which in turn affects the way your Company is represented. That will eventually affect your Business Success. Studies show that over 50% of shoppers will abandon Websites that take 4 seconds or more to load.
  • Performance impacts how your Website is found: not only does poor load speed send your Customers elsewhere, it also directly leads to your Website dropping lower and lower in Search Engine Ranks. Studies show that Websites with a Homepage that loads in 2.5 seconds or over, are pushed down the pages of Google – where Customers will not find your Website. In turn – the fewer Customers that find you in Search Engines, the more Ranking still you will drop – essentially putting your Website in the dark double digit pages of Google.
  • Load Tolerance: Hosting Servers may lose speed during peak times when a Website experiences drastic fluctuations in web traffic. To combat this we run stress tests, load tests, ramp tests, and other performance tests to create an accurate picture of how web traffic can be best handled and if any hardware upgrades are needed to handle heavy loads before performance is affected.

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