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Here at 365Hosts, we love to appreciate a great Website. Having seen most of what there is to see in the world of Web, we know a beautifully crafted website when we see one – whether it is beautiful aesthetically, functionally smoother than silk, or delivers cutting edge functionality, content and beauty together to perfectly master the art of the search engine – we understand all that goes in to building this kind of website, so we love to see them and we love to work with them. What you might not know – is that we also love to build them. 

Why we don’t advertise website design.

365Hosts is a Premium Web Hosting Company. That means that the world we inhabit is largely made up of racks of servers, migrations coming in from all over the world, virtual online space and many, many emails. You could almost say that our head is in The Cloud (pardon the pun). 

We have teams that specialise in migrations, often this involves working in different currencies and languages, to move huge amounts of storage safely and swiftly with no disruption. We have guys that specialise in managing and maintaining our physical servers to make sure they are tip-top and running all of the up to date malware and protection services. We have 24hour support teams that are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have somebody they can talk to at any time of the day or night if they require anything from us. 

We pride ourselves on being a Premium Web Hosting Company and as such, our top priority is twofold: to make sure our clients have the best hosting package for them, tailored to their website and needs; and to make sure we offer exceptional customer service to our hosted clients – the business world never sleeps, but we stay up so that our clients can rest easy. 

So, Web Hosting is busy, and we want to do the best job we can. Website Design is a great quality to bring to the world of online business but it isn’t a product we try to promote for the simple reason that we DO build, and re-build websites for our hosted clients – if they ask us to, and we feel that designing their website will allow us to provide a more optimal hosted service. We prioritise this service for our existing clients because we understand that their business website and their hosting plan needs to be seamlessly cohesive. 

When we build websites.

If you are a business owner with a website, whether it is a landing page or an e-Commerce store with all the bells and whistles, you will understand the importance of having a good relationship with your web hosting company. If you’ve ever got locked out of your own emails, suffered downtime on your website, or had issues with payment gateways you will understand how crucial it is not only to have the correct hosting plan for your requirements but also to have that support when you need it. 

We are happy to show our hosted clients that we are willing to work with websites built on all kinds of platforms and with all types of quirks and character. However, there are occasions when for the client’s sake – and for our efficiency, we can provide a better service if we have a more thorough knowledge of the website history, the website architecture and what the website is required to do. It is in this situation where we will take the bull by the horns -so to speak- and build our client a bespoke website that fits their business needs and boosts the online presence and traffic of the website. 

How we can provide a better service. 

  • Your website domain name – when you buy your domain name, you might have got your first choice, you might have had to search and search for something you liked. There are many places you can buy your domain name, because of this many people opt for a giant company with a familiar name selling very cheap domain names – however the danger here is that you risk getting slammed with much higher renewal fees the following year when your business is established online and you have to choice but to renew. Another danger is that often with these huge companies there is no level of customer care so you will not receive a renewal reminder. If your domain expires and your website is hosted elsewhere, the consequences can be disastrous -your hosting company has no control and another bootleg company can snatch up your domain name essentially costing you your website. If you buy your domain name from 365Hosts – a trusted and reputable but albeit smaller hosting company, it might cost fractionally more to purchase because of the price we pay for it, but this simply means we can hold the price, and not do the dirty on you the following year. Moreover, we take care of all the annual renewals with no hassle to you, so rest assured once that domain name is yours- nobody else will get ahold of it. Ultimately, allowing the hosting company control of your domain name means that you can trust them to keep all of the crucial components of your website together. The good news is you don’t need to wait for renewal to transfer your domain name, you can move it to us today.
  • Building or Re-building your Website – When we enter into a relationship with our hosted clients, we are excited to learn how we can assist them, what we can improve on, and concerned with anything not working out for them. We find that a lot of the support our hosted clients ask for is website-based, and although we are happy to dive into any and all websites and do what we can to help, if the website is not one of our own, more often than not the client will need to go back to their original website developer for information or access. This can be time-consuming, frustrating and lead to miscommunication. In the instance of a business website experiencing downtime, this is simply not acceptable. We can provide the best possible service when we can tailor make a bespoke website to suit the business needs of the client, and in doing so ensure that they are put into the hosting plan that is best suited to their website requires. Sometimes this means just moving access to the website to 365Hosts so that we can make some tweaks, improvements, and dig out any problems. Sometimes this looks like a full rebuild and a fresh start. Each decision made in this process is carefully made through discussion and consultation with our client. 
  • Making the most of your website – a significant problem we often come across with pre-built websites is the functionality of the website. If we are hosting a client securely on a dedicated server because they have huge amounts of products, emails and data, but find upon investigation that online shoppers are being put off using the online store because of simple functionality issues, we resist throwing our hands in the air and immediately set to work ensuring that our client’s business website performs optimum functionality across all devices- desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. In 2018 studies showed that 95% of mobile phone users used their mobile devices to look up local information, make calls to businesses from their website or online directory, and online shop. Maybe if a developer built your website 8 years ago this stuff wasn’t important, but please believe us – we live in the mobile era – we are all mobile, all busy and on the move, and spending money while we do it, if your website can’t accommodate, you will miss out.
  • Monitor your Website – In the case of websites, web hosting, and e-Commerce, we have found that having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ is actually the antidote to many problems. By allowing your hosting company to have full access to your website, and emails, it means that we can very quickly identify, assess and neutralise any dangerous bugs and viruses that might try to find their way in. It also means we can hold all the information you might want to use to monitor your online business, we can run analytics and projections based on the traffic we see coming onto your website: what pages people are searching, where they are ending up, how long they are staying on your website, what products and pages they are viewing etc. We love to share a mutually beneficial and supportive role in the online platform of our hosted clients.
    Perhaps most crucially though – unlike independent developers or huge giant companies, you can trust us to hold daily back-ups of your website, so you can rest assured your content is safe – we can’t stress enough the importance of this for business up-time. 
  • Boost your website – the final reason we find it can be crucial to allow your hosting company access to your website is the SEO value. We have all heard of those independent companies for promise to miraculously land you at the top of Google for huge amounts of money, but in this current season in the web world we are all too aware of the black-hat tricks of the trade being used, and if we are wise to them, the search engines certainly are. We strongly urge that you ONLY accept SEO services from established web hosting or web development companies with strong and trusted portfolios. Not doing so could land your website blacklisted from the big search engines, and costing you money, it is absolutely not worth the risk. 
    There is no quick-fix when it comes to SEO, only diligent and consistent work. By allowing us access to your website we can ensure that every image and all of the content is used in such a way as to derive maximum ranking-value out of it. We can keyword and code the back end of your website to legally, safely and organically begin to hold a strong position above your competitors in search engines. 

Want us to take a look at your Website?

If you would like us to take a look at your website, reassess the hosting plan you’re on in relation to the way you are using your website, or if you need a brand new website, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

View our Website Portfolio here:  https://www.365hosts.com/web