FTB Continuum Hosting
FTB Continuum

FTB Continuum Hosting

We provide the best FTB Continuum server hosting you will find.

FTB Continuum is an expert style modpack packed with some of the latest tech mods by Feed the Beast!...

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Included for all Minecraft: Java Edition plans including FTB Continuum

Instant Setup

Servers are provisioned instantly. Skip the waiting!

One-Click Modpack Installer

One-click modpack installer for tons of popular Minecraft modpacks.

Version Switcher

Switch between Minecraft versions and JARs with a click of a button. Versions are constantly auto-updated for JARs such as Paper, Vanilla and Snapshots & release-candidates

Fantastic Game Server Panel

Game server panel for all your customising needs.
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DDoS Protection

Our Network is protected against DDoS attacks. Keep your server online!

Automatic Tasks

Schedule tasks such as backups and commands to run whenever for your server.

The Best Game Hosting Features For You

These features come standard in all of our game hosting plans.

Customisable Panel

Our intuitive game panel let's you customise your game server with all kinds of neat features.

Support from Real-Life Human Beings

Gaming veterans are all working to optimize your experience to make the service as smooth as possible.

1-Click Installer

Install your favourite modpack with 1 click – because messing with files is annoying.

Fast Servers

Our available server plans make sure players have a smooth experience in-game. No lag!

Solid State Drives (SSD)

SSDs are a must in game servers nowadays. With SSDs, your game server load times are faster.

Free Subdomain

Give your server a presonalized address to make it easier to remember when connecting.

Our Game Server Panel

Our game server panel is comprised of the most popular features you may want for your server.
The game panel is backed by custom tools, features and conveniences installed by us to help you out.

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Prioritized Usability
  • Start, Stop and Restart your server
  • Create, Delete, Open and Edit files
  • Access and use the server console
  • Edit game-specific settings and configurations
Extra Features
  • Create and access databases
  • Add subusers to access the server panel
  • Schedule restarts, commands and backups
  • Change startup parameters
Smart Features
  • Auto installer for popular modpacks for different games
  • Auto installer for different game versions
  • Performance and resource monitoring
  • Download and Restore using cloud backups and daily system backups
Neat Features
  • Create and view extra port allocations
  • Intall Mods
  • Intall Plugins
  • Intall Modpacks

Frequently Asked Questions for Java Edition servers (including FTB Continuum)

It's common to have questions before ordering your Minecraft service. Here are the answers to common questions that we get.

Yes you can! To do so, please follow this guide after your purchase.

It's quite simple! After you have placed your order, you will recieve an order confirmation email with a link to set up your account on our game server panel. On the panel, you can start, stop and restart your server, as well as modify files and settings at any time, should you wish to.

Yes you can. There are never any contracts, obligations or hidden fees with our services. We take customer satisfaction extremely seriously.

It's very fast! Your Minecraft server will be provisioned and ready to start within 5 minutes after your order thanks to our automated setup mechanism.

Absolutely! You can select which modpack you want to use upon ordering. We also have an automatic installer on the game server panel for our Minecraft services where you can choose between various modpacks and other versions so that you can easily switch between them at any time. We also provide full file access with both SFTP and on the panel File Manager so that you can install mods manually as well.

Global Network Regions

The 365Hosts optimised network offers low-latency across Europe and America, enabling you to deploy your server in a low-latency environment. Hosting locations are in USA and UK with announced plans for Germany by late 2022.

365Hosts Discord Server

Join our brand-new Discord Server for tips and tricks and interacting with admins and clients.

Game Server Hosting Services

Our game server hosting lineup is comprised of the most popular multiplayer games. These services are backed by our customized game panel.



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