Labradorhost is now 365Hosts Gaming

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365Hosts fully managed game server hosting is the perfect combination of performance, support and affordability.

Choosing 365Hosts for your managed game server means:
• Your game server will run without issues.
• Dedicated customer support with serious knowledge of the games you are running are available 24/7.
• Prices are extremely hard to beat for what you're getting.
• We never leave issues or suggestions unsolved - we work extremely hard to satisfy our customers as proven by our great reviews.

Labradorhost is now 365Hosts Gaming.

We are excited to announce a merger with UK-based hosting service 365Hosts.

The Labradorhost personnel will  henceforth operate as the gaming section of 365Hosts.

What does this mean for me?
Nothing! You can go ahead and order your desired service via the menus, only you will be invoiced to 365Hosts instead of Labradorhost. 

The pricing, service and personell remains the same.

What if I already have a service with Labradorhost?
If you already have a service with us nothing will change for you at the present time. You have access to our server panel here and we will keep your server running as usual.

All clients will be gradually migrated to 365Hosts and will be notified when their account has been migrated with all required details. Your server location will stay the same after the migration is completed. It will not change. Outstanding invoices from Labradorhost are still valid and will be paid to us in the meantime.

For those who haven't yet been migrated, you can access the old Labradorhost billing area here and create tickets, pay invoices etc.

Thank you! :)

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What is 365Hosts Gaming?

365Hosts Gaming, formerly known as Labradorhost was started by gaming enthusiasts who have been actively playing games throughout the 2000s. In July of 2021, Labradorhost was acquired by 365Hosts to run their gaming section – keeping all services and personnel as they were before the acquisition. 

Our biggest priority is user satisfaction. We always aim to provide the best support available and never leave issues unresolved. We always look forward to hearing from our customers and to fullfill potential requests.

Our service provides fantastic scalability, which we think is vital to running a hosting service with many users.

You may be asking to yourself – why should I go with us? Well, our prices are hard to beat, and our support is always available, friendly and helpful. We suggest giving us a chance and can assure you that you won't be disappointed. In addition, the 72-hour refund policy applies to all services in case you, for any reason, aren't satisfied. We take customer satisfaction extremely seriously.

If you have any further questions regarding us, please feel free to ask via the livechat or by creating a ticket.


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