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We value every one of our customers tremendously, and we have an extensive, diverse range of customers ranging from start-up bloggers to massive corporations with enough email accounts you could stack them to the moon and back. The one thing we have learned about Business? Everybody starts somewhere.

 Here’s the thing, many people ask us
“You’re everywhere!- on Touring Cars, on billboards, on my newsfeed – but you offer a free service? Why?!”

Why Free Web Hosting?

Our reply is clear – “We are a business, supporting businesses. We want you to succeed. But, we know that to achieve, you must start, we believe that it is essential, that somebody is providing an equal platform on which everybody can start.
Every business deserves an equal opportunity to start, and to succeed – no matter where you are, the size you are, or the tools you have.”

A momentary silence typically occurs;

But here is what people don’t think about,

Every living organism lives on this planet to be of service to something else,

Cows create Milk.

Some animals give their lives so others can thrive.

Our purpose here, in this crazy world, that we all coexist in, is to ‘give’ as much as we can.

Whether it be tools, jobs, time, money, care, opportunity, empathy, compassion, advice or forgiveness.

So that dream you have?
That idea that is burning away inside you which you came up with in the shower?
That gift you have to share with the world?

It is our mission to catapult your vision into reality, and we will only be too proud to help you along your journey,

With our One-Click installer, and Free SSL Certificate, and a full 1GB of space, you have everything need to get online and start your journey.

Welcome to 365Hosts, a business supporting businesses everywhere.

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