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saleIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2430 12-Core @ 2.20GHz 16 GB 2 x 480 GB SSD 1 GBit/s-Port £54.95 INSTANT CONFIGURE
saleIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2430 12-Core @ 2.20GHz 32 GB 2 x 960 GB SSD 1 GBit/s-Port £99.00 INSTANT CONFIGURE
saleIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2430 12-Core @ 2.20GHz 64 GB 2 x 1.92 TB SSD 1 GBit/s-Port £199.00 INSTANT CONFIGURE
sale2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5520 @ 2.27GHz 16 Core 16 GB 2 x 1 TB SSD 1 GBit/s-Port £89.00 INSTANT CONFIGURE
sale2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 v2 @ 3.00GHz - 40 Cores 48 GB 2 x 1TB SSD 1 GBit/s-Port £89.00 INSTANT CONFIGURE

We Offer

Performance UK Dedicated Servers

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Each server comes with one public IPv4 address and one IPv6 address, if you require more IP Address's please raise a ticket.


Each dedicated server has unlimited bandwidth* this is subject to our fair usage policy.

Rapid deployment

All of our services are provisioned very quickly as we have the servers ready built for deployment, if you need an urgent setup speak with us on live chat we are confident we will have you up and running the same day.

Common FAQs


All of our servers come with full root access, and a console manager to easily reboot and shutdown as required.
The configurations used for our dedicated servers are designed to suit professional needs. Depending on your usage, you might need a configuration with more RAM, bigger storage space, or a higher processing capacity. You can also get anti-DDoS protection adapted for online gaming, a private network (vRack) with up to 10 Gb/s to allow you to connect your dedicated server to your infrastructure, or even hardware RAID. Choose the dedicated server that fits your needs.
Each 365Hosts® dedicated server has a minimum public bandwidth of 1000 Mbs, with a burst available to absorb occasional peak traffic. Incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited and free. You also have the option of increasing your bandwidth capacity, if necessary.
All of the dedicated server packages that 365Hosts® offers are considered to be fully managed. This means that people with very little technical ability can leverage the improved performance of a dedicated server, without having to worry about the technical aspects. Our system administrators and support staff are available 24×7 every day of the year. They can help you with configuration issues, installing additional software, etc. Our dedicated server support department operates on a shift basis, meaning your problem can be solved no matter what time you call. All of our shared hosting packages are also sold as a fully managed service, as well as our VPS hosting plans. This means that if you are not quite ready to upgrade to a fully dedicated server, there are several less expensive options, still fully managed, available to you
Yes, you can publish any type of adult-related site content you wish, with one very important caveat. This is that the adult content itself is legal in the UK. So, this means no pornography featuring underage children, or what the UK Government terms “extreme pornography”. If for any valid legal reason, we receive a complaint about the adult content you have published, we will ask you to take it down. Additionally, all of the content you publish must conform to our general publishing guidelines with regard to threatening or abusive content, and infringement of copyright.
All of the hosting packages that 365Hosts® offer, come complete with 24×7 support. Everything is offered as a managed service. This means we will handle all admin tasks such as software upgrades, and there is no charge levied for any tech support of general server administration task
Of course everything has its limits, we don’t provide unlimited bandwidth because no one can but it is unmetered and we ask you don’t abuse this.
We have no contracts, with the exception of bespoke solutions.
Quick answer is no, that’s how we keep the costs down. However we are elite partners to R1Soft and can configure backups for you at an additional cost.
Generally for customer simplicty and to keep costs low, we configure in Raid 1 if you have a specific Raid config you requirement, speak to us on live chat we will deliver exactly what you need.