Where Are Your Technical Support Staff Located?

We operate a decentralised support department so that we can cover every time zone effectively. Our main office is located in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, and we have one further location in the UK. We also have a support facility in New Delhi, India. None of our support capabilities is outsourced. The Indian office is home to most of our senior system administrators, as well as key executives for the Indian market.

Our head office in Uttoxeter houses most of our senior tech support team, as well as our customer service department. Our UK executives are also based in the Uttoxeter office and are led by the Managing Director, Chris Withington.

The decision to set up an Indian office was driven by our commitment to providing value to our customers. Our Indian support team is cost-effective and is capable of delivering world-class support services. This means our customers get the best of both worlds. A lower cost of ownership and exceptional technical support. We are fully in control of the New Delhi office, including overseeing recruitment. We are very selective in the people we employ, and only hire the most experienced and capable support staff for our New Delhi office.

All of the support staff here at 365hosts is fully conversant with every product we sell. For example, they can help you solve problems and troubleshoot issues with email services.

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