What is your SSH public key for support?


Occasionally our support team may request access to your server for installation or technical support. If you're able to provide access to our staff we highly recommend using public-key authentication. See our SSH public key below. Please do not share password credentials in support tickets unless absolutely required.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAnOR61mQQffXWGx5sC/aefrL285WFzU6wgkxILSULCM6eY7qA9d8PwEPo31PEdgKUWpCq0WaZlUTwsh7U/PQUhFgt8/lbdjWTOcgNBuuQGdsjrBUQ3gukSaxgFOsc/14k1gDDtXTM5lhutn1mVivN69NSJDtzRkLVKYb3/KQ5ARKbKbP2I7i/7uwJwGTOkaujy2V+2csMJnY3aGroy3WBxVabzLw5Dh1Ssuhve/UOD3KJbwZodjINEm99eWIGPV8gFTmqQJsLndbIqC0j7R79OqBPZiYYV97QP4/I2VC9CKzM1eh2m0WntRpqBHXyxNdRH5m+gSuXWoa69DW+dZ+Aow== support@r1softlicenses.com

To add the public key to your Linux server, edit your SSH user's authorized_keys file and copy/paste the above key onto a single line (it should not wrap). The authorized_keys file is typically located at ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, where ~ signifies the user's home directory. R1Soft installation and support require root-level access.

Our support department will connect from the IP address:
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