SSL Certificates Secure Your Site And Add Trust & Confidence For Your Visitors

SSL Certificates Secure Your Site And Add Trust & Confidence For Your Visitors

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standardised method of providing encryption between a web server and a browser session. Whilst the browser session is active, all data transmitted to or from the web server is protected by encryption, making it extremely difficult to snoop on.

An SSL Certificate can be used to provide your websites with a provable level of security. One that is instantly recognisable and that Internet users know they can trust to keep their private data secure. The key benefits of using an SSL certificate are:

  • Full end-to-end encryption of all data.
  • Protection of site users’ privacy.
  • Enabling 100% secure online financial transactions.
  • Easily recognisable lock icon shown in most browsers.
  • A positive effect on SEO.
  • Authenticates the website identity.

SSL Certificates Build Trust with Site Visitors

Whenever we see the green lock icon in the URL bar of a browser, we know that the site we are accessing is using SSL encryption to protect us. This means that as a website visitor, we trust the site to keep our private data secure. This has a positive psychological effect on website visitors.

SSL Certificates Raise SEO Score

Early in 2018, Google Chrome began to show all websites that do not use an SSL certificate as insecure. Prior to this, Google had begun to give SSL protected sites a higher SERP. Having a valid SSL certificate is now a vital part of getting your site to rank highly in search results.

All SSL Certificates are Not Equal

There are many vendors of SSL certificates. Some, like Symantec, are household names in computer security. Others, such as RapidSSL are far less well-known. Although SSL certificates from both vendors work in entirely the same way, they are priced very widely apart. An SSL certificate from a vendor such as Symantec or Verisign comes with a high level of trust, and a proven track record. Cheaper SSL certificates although still effective, don’t have the same level of trust. Consider investing in the best SSL certificate you can afford because of this.

Useful Links:

The official Verisign guide to what an SSL certificate is and how it works

If you need to add an SSL certificate to a shared hosting package, one of our VPS plans, or to your dedicated server, one of our technical support staff will be able to help you to install it and get it functioning properly.


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