• Tuesday, October 8, 2019

You can now become an affiliate of 365Hosts, and earn commission as you recommend! Learn how:


What Is Affiliate Commission?

Affiliate Commission is where a company will offer a percentage, or set reward payment to another company, or person for recommending and winning a client for them. The company who is recommending the services, the “Affiliate’ is encouraged to recommend services they can testify to being pleased with, and in return receive a commission one-time or on-going payment.   


Why Use An Affiliate Commission Scheme? 

There are many reasons we have found affiliate commission to be a positive experience for ourselves, our valued clients, and the new clients we meet through this promotion. 


Firstly, we really love to keep in touch with the clients we have. Web Hosting is not a one-stop-shop transaction. Websites continuously evolve and improve as the business develops, so ongoing support means a sustained ongoing relationship with these clients. For our team, to offer these clients encouragement to promote our services has given us unrivalled insight into how they really felt about our services and product. Honest feedback is priceless in allowing us to tailor our services to provide the best service we can. 


Secondly, it allows us to control the workload coming in, which in turn means that our administrators can dedicate the necessary time to each migration, project and client. We are able to see a job through in a way that is focused and measured, whilst ensuring continuous work. We understand that more goes into some migrations than others, from online stores and endless email accounts to bloggers, and backups - we understand that while moving your web hosting should be an exciting business opportunity for a client, it can, in fact, be a nerve-wracking process. It is our intention that starting a relationship with a new client on a recommendation is a positive beginning, and so it is important that our team can continue that one-on-one service throughout the process, and to the end result and another satisfied customer. 


Thirdly, it allows the potential client to make a judgement as to whether we are right for them. We have never tried to be a square peg that wants to fit into a round hole, and so it is beneficial for all parties if an honest account of the way we work, our values, and value for money are all conveyed by a client who has tried and tested us. This helps to remove some of the fear around using a new company for the first time. 


Finally, we are a business which loves to support business. If we see an opportunity that we believe is mutually beneficial to ourselves and our valued clients then it is something we are keen to explore. We believe there should be no limit on the support you offer a client in their endeavour to grow and prosper their business, and in turn, this creates positive feedback and positive recommendations for us. The stronger we become, the better the service we provide, the more support we can give you. This is a cycle of mutually beneficial business and reward. When we invest in positive relationships, we all succeed. 


So Who Can Join Our Affiliate Program? 

Anyone can become an affiliate.

We value any feedback you can give us about our service and would love to hear from you about partnering with us for an affiliate commission.