Closed ticket notifications

Dear all customers, 

Over the Christmas break, we have had a clearout of all un-closed tickets.

You may have received updates regarding tickets being closed as a result, please disregard these notifications as the clean up is now completed.



365Hosts Support.

Server Status

We are pleased to announce that is now Live. Any downtime on any of our networks or services, scheduled maintenance, shared servers, VPS nodes, dedicated servers or reboot notifications will be updated on 365hosts-status.comWe have created a specialist team of support personnel to look after these updates, so if any server ...

WHMCS Authorised partners

365Hosts has entered a partnership with WHMCS as an authorised reseller of the world-leading automated billing software, we feel this is a valueable asset to 365Hosts and our clients as it enables us to provide this service from within our company at much-reduced rates, which we pass onto you as the end-user.WHMCS is an all-in-one billing and ...

Support Ticket Responses

If you require immediate assistance you can reach us on live chat 24/7

With support tickets and emails, we won't always respond until we have your inquiry resolved, this saves times for us and allows us to work on the task in hand faster, and reduces email ping pong.