• Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We have taken the decision to no longer offer an email forwarder relay service from our networks to accounts such as Gmail.

The reason for this is due to high levels of network abuse within our core networks, risking the future deliverability of other users emails and our IP reputations.

With that said internal email forwarders are fine to use and you can have as many as you like.

As a workaround, you are still able to have the email account [email protected] but you must connect onto it directly for receiving email and not use the email address as a convenient relay into a Gmail account.

In short, the network receives all email sent to that address's which is usually high volumes of spam, our network then resends that onto the forwarder setup eg. Gmail, yahoo... 

Gmail then marks our reputation based on what's being sent to your Gmail inbox, which most users then have spam filters set up with Gmail, this results in our IP's relaying Spam email from our network to your Gmail.

We take security and network reputation very seriously and have come to this decision to offer a great service into the future for all.

This is the reason for this decision and cannot be altered.

If you require any assistance in connecting onto your mail accounts join us on live chat. 

365Hosts Abuse Analyst

Santosh Udale