F1000 has agreed title sponsorship for the 2019 season with 365Hosts, a web hosting company offering exceptional customer service with a wide product offering and world class technical support.

The championship, one of the fastest club championships in the UK, is set to be renamed the 365Hosts F1000 Championship for the 2019 season. It is also one of the most affordable, founded on economic competition in terms of first cost, cost of ownership and uniform performance. Based on the user friendly and great handling 1000cc bike-engined Jedi Racing Car, the grid holds eleven championship lap records over 100mph and the outright circuit record for cars at Cadwell Park.

Frazer Corbyn, Championship Manger, said, “365Hosts are a UK business like ourselves and in the current market it’s important that companies like this support each other. Along with our recent move to the 750 Motor Club, the Home of Affordable Motorsport, this additional funding, along with the driver reward package we have from other partners as well, will continue to make the championship an attractive place in which to be racing.”

Over the twenty one years that F1000, previously Formula Jedi, has been racing, drivers have moved through to British GT, F3 and even Indy Lights, whilst others have remained for many years, moving up through the results table.

“The series is an excellent match for our business, we strive to deliver the fastest and most stable web hosting platform within the UK and they are one of the fastest club championships on track”, said 365Hosts – Founder Chris Withington. “The cars are well presented on track and their online presence is active and attractive as well.”

365Hosts offer shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting products, and provide a number of additional, related services not limited to but including, Adwords and FB marketing, Domain purchase, SSL certificates and SiteLock security, SEO, site optimisation as well as improve your website performance.

Giles Groombridge, 750 Motor Club Competitions Manager said, “We’re looking forward to welcoming 365Hosts into our portfolio. Title sponsorship makes a difference not only to the championship as a whole but to every driver and team, helping them gain exposure and their own sponsorship. Once again it’s an opportunity to move F1000 forward whilst retaining the ethos of a friendly, supportive club championship with great competitive racing.”


So, you are ready to launch a new website, and need to procure some web hosting. But how do you decide which hosting is best for you? Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), or Dedicated Server? In this post, we aim to help you with this choice, by covering the main considerations driving the decision.

How Many Web Pages Will You Publish?

How big will your website be? Will you only be published a few dozen pages, without heavy content such as self-hosted videos and file downloads? If so, you won’t need an awful lot of storage space. If you do intend to publish a significant chunk of content, you might need to consider a hosting plan with guaranteed storage space, such as a VPS or dedicated server. 

How Many Website Visitors Will You Receive?

Or more accurately, how much bandwidth do you need? If you are only expecting a few thousand visitors a month, shared hosting would be a good choice. But as you start to ramp up in the number of visitors, you will need a hosting plan that guarantees a specific amount of bandwidth, such as a dedicated server or VPS.

Is Search Engine Optimisation a Major Consideration?

If SEO is a major consideration for you, then you need to consider the speed of your web hosting. One of the major search metrics that Google and other search engines use, is page load speed. On a shared hosting package, performance is affected by every other site hosted on the same shared plan. In order to ensure that your site is always operating at the highest speed, a dedicated server is the best way to make sure that you always have the resources available to serve your site optimally. A VPS can offer benefits as well, but other VPS users on the same virtualised hardware can in some situations, hog resources.

Do You Expect a Rapid Growth Rate?

Once your site is launched, do you expect that it will grow rapidly? If you do, then it might be a good idea to take a look at VPS hosting rather than shared hosting. A VPS is the sweet spot between budget shared hosting, and a full dedicated server. It will give your website room to grow, and ensure it keeps performing well.

Do You Require Consistent Service?

If one of your main requirements is that your site is available at all times, then cloud hosting is a good idea. With cloud hosting, your site is hosted on fully redundant hardware. If part of the hardware stack fails, your site stays up. In contrast, if you were using, for example, a dedicated server to host your website and the server failed, your site would be offline until a replacement is provisioned and a backup restored.

If you are having trouble deciding which type of web hosting is perfect for your website, don’t worry, 365Hosts can help. Just give our support department a quick call and explain your problem. We are more than happy to talk you through the options and come up with the best solution for you.


SSL Certificates Secure Your Site And Add Trust & Confidence For Your Visitors

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standardised method of providing encryption between a web server and a browser session. Whilst the browser session is active, all data transmitted to or from the web server, is protected by encryption, making it extremely difficult to snoop on.

An SSL Certificate can be used to provide your websites with a provable level of security. One that is instantly recognisable, and that Internet users know they can trust to keep their private data secure. The key benefits of using an SSL certificate are:

  • Full end-to-end encryption of all data
  • Protection of a site users’ privacy.
  • Enabling 100% secure online financial transactions.
  • Easily recognisable lock icon shown in most browsers.
  • A positive effect on SEO.
  • Authenticates the website identity.
  • SSL Certificates Build Trust with Site Visitors

Whenever we see the green lock icon in the URL bar of a browser, we know that the site we are accessing is using SSL encryption to protect us. This means that as a website visitor, we trust the site to keep our private data secure. This has a positive psychological effect on website visitors.

SSL Certificates Raise SEO Score

Early in 2018, Google Chrome began to show all websites that do not use an SSL certificate as insecure. Prior to this, Google had begun to give SSL protected sites a higher SERP. Having a valid SSL certificate is now a vital part of getting your site to rank highly in search results.

All SSL Certificates are Not Equal

There are many vendors of SSL certificates. Some, like Symantec, are household names in computer security. Others, such as RapidSSL are far less well-known. Although SSL certificates from both vendors work in entirely the same way, they are priced very widely apart. An SSL certificate from a vendor such as Symantec or Verisign, comes with a high level of trust, and a proven track record. Cheaper SSL certificates although still effective, don’t have the same level of trust. Consider investing in the best SSL certificate you can afford because of this.

Useful Links:

The official Verisign guide to what an SSL certificate is and how it works

If you need to add an SSL certificate to a shared hosting package, one of our VPS plans, or to your dedicated server, one of our technical support staff will be able to help you to install it and get it functioning properly.


Website Hacked?

Fix it now with 365Hosts SiteLock Emergency Response

If your website has been attacked and compromised get immediate emergency assistance to quickly recover your site.

Here’s how our Emergency Response helps:

Immediate response
Get our fastest response time with analysis and work to recover your site started within 30 minutes.

Complete malware removal
If our automatic technology is unable to remove the malicious content we’ll perform manual cleaning.

Priority treatment
With the emergency package you get fast tracked straight to the top of the queue.

7 day aftercare
We’ll continue to monitor your site for 7 days to ensure that your site remains malware-free post recovery.

Real-time updates
Track progress with our real-time updates throughout the process of cleaning and recovering your site.

One-off payment
The emergency service is available for a single one-off fee, there’s no recurring fees or subscription.

Only £250.00 GBP One Time for 7 days of protection