How to create and manage outgoing mail servers in Apple (Mac) Mail

How to create and manage outgoing mail servers

An outgoing mail server is what the program uses to send e-mail messages. If you don’t have at least one server set up, you won’t be able to send any messages.

Go to Mail.

Click Preferences.

If you don’t see this screen, make sure the Accounts tab is selected.

You can select a different Outgoing Mail Server for each mail account.

Click this last option to edit your SMTP servers.

The top pane shows a list of all the outgoing servers that have been set up, while the bottom displays information about the selected server.

Click Advanced.

This tab allows you to set custom ports, use SSL and choose the authentication type (if any).

To delete the selected server, click this minus icon.

Note that deleting a server from the list is permanent and can’t be undone.

Now let’s see how to add the server we just deleted.

Click the plus icon.

Type a short description for the new server.

Now enter the server name.

Go to Advanced.

Choose the authentication method if you would like to use it.

Enter the username and password in these boxes.

Click OK.

Now that our outgoing server has been added, we can set this mail account to use it.

Select the new server from this list.

That’s it! You now know how to create and manage outgoing mail servers.

An overview of settings and preferences in Apple (Mac) Mail

An overview of settings and preferences in Apple Mail

In this demonstration, we’ll see where to find the different preferences and settings in Apple Mail.

Go to Mail.

Click Preferences.

The tab that opens by default is the Accounts tab where you can manage the options related to your mail accounts.

Go to Mailbox Behaviors.

This is where you can set how the program treats sent, junk and deleted messages.

The advanced tab shows additional options for the selected mail account. You can also manage the SSL settings here.

Let’s look at General options.

This option sets how often Apple Mail will check for new messages on the server.

The RSS tab is where you can change settings related to your RSS feeds.

Set your default RSS reader, how often to check for updates to the feeds you have added and choose when to remove the articles.

The Junk Mail tab is where you enable or disable junk mail filtering and set how the program reacts when you receive junk mail.

On the Fonts and Colors tab, you can set what the font will look like for mailboxes, messages, notes, etc.

The Viewing options let you change settings related to viewing messages including the header detail and message threading.

The settings on this tab affect message composition. For example, you can change the spell checker, automatically send copies of sent messages to yourself, configure address options, etc.

These last two tabs, Signatures and Rules, will be covered in more detail in other videos in this series.

Rules are basically filters you can set up to sort your mail into folders.

That’s it! Now you have seen an overview of the preferences in Apple Mail.

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