High Performance Website Optimisation

High Performance Website Optimisation

Basic Optimisation

Our Basic optimisation package focuses on leveraging browser caching, as well as code optimisations, to give a significant boost to the performance of your website. This provides the foundation for further optimisations.

Advanced Optimisation

Building on our basic optimisation packages, this advanced offering focuses on compressing site data, to lower data requirements. This includes optimising images to use a smaller format, as well as minimising the number of HTML requests the page makes while rendering.

Extreme Optimisation

If you are serious about wringing every millisecond of performance out of your site, our extreme optimisation package adds important optimisations, such as making sure JavaScript is called as late in the page rendering as possible. This package also includes the implementation of a CDN to serve your large image files, video content and digital downloads.

Total Optimisation

Our most comprehensive optimisation package, covering multiple websites. This is a fully managed service, and your site performance will be monitored. If something happens to negatively effect site performance, we will receive a notification and can address the problem.