utube.com is a worldwide leading supplier of tube and pipe equipment, owner Ralph Girkins is so fed up with the amount of traffic received as its caused server hosting to go offline, very similar to DDos on the apache which is hosting utube.com website.

An ingenious method he has come up with is to create a backlink to utubeonline.com to get the full link juice from a high traffic website utube.com


And monetise the utube.com index page by lacing it with paid ads, Ralph was offered reportedly more than $1m for the domain name but he refused this because so much traffic is coming and obviously ads pay him more than a one-off sale of the domain name.

Of course, if YouTube changed the brand name or went out of business, not that it’s likely being owned by Google then utube.com would be rendered worthless overnight.

We suspect in this case the company utube.com get lots of domain authority from the backlink and it’s worth having from an additional revenue and SEO standpoint.

Would you sell it and cash-out quick? or sit on it for the long game?