New 365Hosts Website

New Website Launch    It may or may not have escaped your notice that we’ve changed some things around here recently.  Always striving to achieve a higher level of client satisfaction and putting the user experience customers have of 365Hosts as a whole as a central priority within our operation is something very important to the whole team at 365Hosts.  So with that in mind, we recently launched our brand new website overhaul.  As many of our valued clients choose to build, edit and look after their own websites, we thought we would share a quick run-down of what we have found to be the most beneficial and effective changes to make to a website.     Less Is More   Web Hosting isn’t [...]

365Hosts become Elite Partners of R1Soft

Always have a disaster recovery plan. We are delighted to announce our Elite Partnership with R1Soft®, the leading commercial backup software for web hosting providers. Having used R1Soft backups as part of our core operation, we believe it is a progressive step for us to offer our new and existing clients alike to access to this lightning-fast, scalable and incredibly reliable back up system for both Windows and Linux® platforms. As such we are incredibly honoured that as of September 2019, R1Soft® wish to make 365Hosts official Elite Partners.  R1Soft® is a Houston, Texas-based company that provides unrivalled technology in Server Backup Manager software. This Server Backup Manager software provides incredibly reliable backups by taking one full [...]

Choosing a web host

How to Choose a Host For Your Money-Making Website As the new owner of an eCommerce site, choosing a web host can be daunting. Hosts compete on prices, resource allocation, uptime, license costs, support, and convenience. The best place to start is to choose the web application and then select a host based on your budget and customerís needs.  For a product-oriented site, your application is your product catalog and eCommerce site. Your application showcases your products, includes search and marketing functions, integrates with your credit card processor and provides a quick and easy shopping experience for your customers. Many hosting providers, called Application Service Providers (ASPs) allow you to ìrentî their application along with [...]

100% uptime SLA

365Hosts offers a range of hosting packages, including shared and reseller packages, that are hosted on modern, high-performance server architecture. By leveraging server virtualization, we are able to provide an incredibly robust platform for providing web hosting services. Your hosting package is provided with a 100% Uptime SLA. This means that you will never have any unplanned downtime. We can make this promise, because we always keep virtual resources in reserve, to be switched in and out as needed, to cover short-term service outages, or whilst we perform administration and maintenance tasks. In rare cases, we may need to perform tasks that do require downtime, and we will always inform you well in advance when this is the situation. However, you should have 100% uptime at [...]

Ways that your hosting provider can make or break your search engine ranking

Since the days of learning the whos-who of popularity at school, one thing we all learnt was that there are certain places that anybody who is anybody should be seen. This carries into the world of Web, if you want your website to be seen and taken seriously, it needs to be visible in those top pages of search engines. Due to the endless tussle to get to the top of these platforms, search engine giants such as Google and Bing have become very good at recognising which websites are deserving of those top pages. It goes without saying that these popular search engines didn’t become as widely used as they are today by providing an unreliable service to their users. They use many thorough methods of determining which websites their searching customers want to see, so the better a [...]

Website Migration

Do you want to  move your Website ? There is a whole stack of reasons you may wish to move from your current web hosting provider, usually down to lack of customer support or due to poor service. We can migrate emails, CRM systems, and websites along with most other online data  FREE  of charge in a timely and efficient manner. If you’re thinking you need to  Migrate your Website , you might be anxious about what the procedure involves – after all, a lot of work has gone into your website, and you don’t want anything lost.  At  365Hosts  we understand completely the worry involved, so whether you have no choice but to migrate, or you simply feel you’d be happier migrating elsewhere, 365Hosts have worked [...]

365Hosts acquires RubberDuck Hosting

We are delighted to announce our most recent acquisition, RubberDuck Hosting. A hosting company which offers  Shared , Dedicated Servers and Cloud hosting, we find RubberDuck Hosting to be a company which promotes similar business principles and customer care, as well as offering great cPanel service and hosting to their clients.  RubberDuck Hosting falls very well into our acquisition criteria and will be a valued addition to the group. Formed in 2012, the company grew exponentially, eventually hosting clients worldwide.  As of August 2019, RubberDuck hosting will move into the UK based 365Hosts SSD Servers, RubberDuck Hosting services will remain undisturbed.  This is yet another positive step forward for 365Hosts, as we continue to exceed our [...]

Managed Web Hosting

It is natural in business to want to see things progress, from project to project – and the business as a whole, and so unsurprisingly there is often a never-ending to-do list of tasks and goals to be achieved by the management and the team. However it can be beneficial to take a look, from time to time, and what your workload includes, and if it is all necessary. While keeping an eye on the running of your operation is essential, it is not always beneficial to keep everything in-house. In fact, you could find that your team are so bogged down in certain tasks that they never get to others. When looking to make your team more productive, is it essential to look at anything that might be worth outsourcing to experts who can do the job quickly, to maximise productivity. This is [...]

365Hosts Website Portfolio

Here at 365Hosts, we love to appreciate a great Website. Having seen most of what there is to see in the world of Web, we know a beautifully crafted website when we see one – whether it is beautiful aesthetically, functionally smoother than silk, or delivers cutting edge functionality, content and beauty together to perfectly master the art of the search engine – we understand all that goes in to building this kind of website, so we love to see them and we love to work with them. What you might not know – is that we also love to build them.  Why we don’t advertise website design. 365Hosts is a Premium Web Hosting Company. That means that the world we inhabit is largely made up of racks of servers, migrations coming in from all over the world, [...]

Business Web Hosting

365Hosts offer hosting plans that will suitably cater to any business, from the largest corporate environment to the single blogger or artist. We are happy to recommend the right service to any client looking for the most suitable web hosting for them.  It is crucial that you choose the right web hosting plan for your business because your web hosting plan will affect many facets of your business. From the load speed and customer retention of your website – which directly impacts the sales you see to the way you organise and store your emails, to, of course, the cost of the web hosting package you choose.  So let’s talk business,  what do businesses need ?  Website – Realistically, your business needs a great website. Even [...]