10 Reasons to choose a Hosting Company that BackUp.

When it comes to your Website, whether you have a new company or a long-standing established company, you will have spent a lot of time, or money or both, on your Website. Here are 10 reasons why it is so important to choose a Hosting Company to look after your Website that can not only Back Up what they say, but also what they DO.

At 365Hosts we believe that holding BackUps spanning back a long time is a cornerstone in the trust and peace of mind we provide our clients. If disaster strikes, 365Hosts holds up backups over 90 retention points, so whether you experienced the problem yesterday, a week ago, or two months ago, you are able to Restore your Website from a safe point. 


  1. Necessary Updates

    Whether or not you work in an Online Industry, it will from time to time be required that you run updates or install updates onto your Website, or computer software. While these Updates are not generally something to avoid because they are ultimately designed to improve your experience or serve a purpose, if you have to do them - do them safely. Very occasionally these updates don’t work, or can cause problems. In the event of this happening, you can rest assured that in no time at all you can call on your Backups and have everything as it was.

  2. Human Error

    Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe you’re a business owner working from home late and tired. Maybe you employ staff of varying capabilities and permissions. Don’t find yourself in a position that you are so precious about your Website that you don’t allow other people to use it, if it is the online shop from which you make money, the busier that hub is the better.
    When something goes wrong you have two choices: You can work out what the problem is, where it went wrong and seek to fix it. Or, you can Restore a Backup. The former is likely to be complicated, arduous and time-consuming. Remember, it’s about making money, not losing time. Minimise time spent correcting errors, or potential downtime by having you Host restore your Website as it was.

  3. Compatibility Issues

    When using malleable platforms like WordPress is it often useful to have Plugins or Themes downloaded to give you certain extra features - either Website front, or for SEO purposes. For the most part, these Plugins are perfectly safe, but as with anything, occasionally they don’t always see eye to eye with the rest of the Websites ecosystem.
    To minimise risk, always check out the reviews and general ratings on a Plugin or Theme before downloading. Check to see whether the developer regularly updates it before purchasing. Finally and most importantly, check with your Host that your Backups are available and ready to implement if necessary.

  4. Prevent Loss of Data

    Gone are the days where we conduct all of our affairs through a shop front, and then go and file everything important in a filing cabinet. Now, our Websites hold huge quantities of our personal effects. From personal details to email accounts and historical data. Websites where people blog and journal are more and more common, from travelling to office work, people write and store huge amounts of data to fill their online space and become visible in the Online world.
    Imagine, you wake up one morning and you’ve been hacked, or struck with a dreaded computer virus - years worth of writing, photography, important email trails, or worse - client data is lost. Thankfully, 365Hosts wouldn’t allow this to become your reality, Daily Backups over 90 points mean that we can have you uploading again in no time, with nothing lost, phew! 

  5. Malware Infections

    It is a common misconception that Viruses only attack your Computer, when in fact a huge number of Websites are vulnerable to Malware infections and many more are infected. With some infections causing obvious problems, and others just sitting under the radar looking for vulnerabilities.
    These attackers and bots are so highly sophisticated that you may never know once they are fully cleared, and even once cleared it can sometimes to near impossible to establish the security hole they came in by and close it for good, and of course if these holes are not secured your Website is left vulnerable. Due to the nature of these attacks, they are very difficult to trace and sometimes impossible to prevent, but when choosing a Host like 365Hosts you can rest assured that you are safe from attacks on a Server level, so your Website and Data can always be restored.

  6. General Hackers

    While this type of Hacker can be as sophisticated and cunning as a Malware Bot - they are not nearly so subtle. Usually out to access valuable data and information, or to outright steal documents, these hackers can be a real Data Breach headache. Occasionally you get the more spiteful Hacker who simply wants to access your Website to commandeer it or deface it - whatever their intention, these are best avoided. 
    While 365Hosts can ensure your Server is safe and secure from Hackers, this, unfortunately, doesn’t stop attempts coming through other avenues at the front of your Website, through Emails or through CRM systems. In the event you are hacked, you need to ensure you have Backups that enable you to go back to before the hack-plus a few days further to ensure a clear time frame before the Hacker was present.

  7. Radical changes to your Website

    Whether you use 365Hosts Developers or prefer to develop your own Website, you may at some point want to change your Website in a big way. This could be due to product change, a change in the way the business is headed, a Branding overhaul, or you just feel outdated. Whatever it is, it can be scary, and sometimes risky to the customer user experience. Ensure you have up to date Backups of your original model that can be Restored in the event you need to go back to the drawing board. Nothing is so scary when there is nothing to lose!

  8. Minimise Downtime

    It is true to say that your Website should be generating you money. Even if you don’t run an online store, your Website should still be sending customers to your door (or to your phone). As the saying goes: ‘time is money!’ so any downtime is costly. As previously mentioned, when problems occur, you might think it is in your interest to investigate and try to solve the problem, but this isn’t cost-effective, efficient, or necessary - if you can simply restore your Website to the Website you had 24hours before! Don’t lose income, doing a job that your Host can do, it’s what they are there for. 

  9. Good security practice

    You might be looking at moving your Website and wondering whether to conduct and hold your own Backups: do they work? Are they worthwhile? In short - yes, if you are confident with the world of Web and know your way around a Website if it probably worth your while to hold your own smaller backups for your own sake when making edits to your Website.
    However, it is important to note that these type of local Backups are by no means bomb-proof and can take longer to pull and restore than actually fixing the problem would take. The difference between a local Backup and a Server level Backup is depth. When 365Hosts restore a Backup from the Server, it is what is called a ‘Bare-Metal’ full account restore - much more thorough, and reliable and contains absolutely everything - that could potentially slip through the net of a Local Restore.

  10. What is it worth?

    Your Website is your Online Presence, whether new or well bedded into the Internet, the time and money that goes into a Website is costly. Can you afford to lose it?
    Thankfully, because we know the value of a Website to a Company - 365Hosts don’t charge any extra for holding extensive Daily Backups up across 90 retention points. It is as important to Us, as it is to you, that your Website is secure, and making money. 






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