How To Choose A Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name


What is a Domain Name and Why is it Important to choose the right one?

A Domain Name is the link address used to tell the DNS Server which Website you want to open. It can be a combination of words, letters or numbers, the only punctuation that can be used to separate the middle part of a Domain Name is a hyphen or dash. 

Choosing the right Domain Name for your Business is important because it is the link address used to navigate directly into your Website. This means that any way you can avoid error, confusion, or distraction is imperative for good user experience, on the customer journey into your Website.  


1) Make it easy to type

If you have a short and to the point Business Name, great. Even better if you get your first choice of Domain Name. For those not so lucky it is worth considering that this Domain Name will stay with your Business, on your Website, Business Cards and Social Profiles for a long time. This isn’t the time for clever wordplay that can be misunderstood, you don’t want to spend the rest of your Business career clarifying and spelling your Domain Name, keep it short and sweet, consider abbreviations or initials as options. 


2) Keep it concise

Over 60% of all Websites were visited on a Mobile Device in 2018 and that number is rising. With that in mind, be aware of leaving yourself open to common misspellings or mistakes. Can your Domain Name be spelt or pronounced in multiple ways? Could your Domain Name be interpreted differently when the spaces are removed from the words? If you find yourself frequently spelling out your name or business name over the phone, or receive post that is misspelt - it’s a good indication that you need to simplify it for your Domain Name. Remember, it’s all about making your Website as easy as possible to reach.


3) Use Keywords

Using Keywords in your Domain Name is a great idea for two reasons. Firstly, upon finding your Business Domain Name your customer already has a good idea about what you do, in what industry. Secondly, we know that 79% of all online traffic comes through Search Engine Giants such as Google and Bing - using Keywords in your Domain Name is a great way to get found and begin ranking well. Let me give you an example: If your name was John Doe and you did Glass Repair, you could choose the Domain Name and it would bring customers to your Website, but nobody would likely click it without a clear indication of what you do - there is no incentive to do so, and you will lose custom. If you choose a Domain Name like not only is it obvious what service you provide to anybody looking, but also your Website would be found by customers putting your Keywords ‘Glass Repair’ into a search engine, giving your Website more traffic and custom, and better rankings.


4) Target your area

Similarly to above, if the customer can see not only what service you offer, but also where you are based then the likelihood is they would be more inclined to visit your Website. So for example,  is a Domain Name that would be presented highly in search engines for searches such as ‘glass repair in Luton’, or ‘glass repairs near me’ for local areas. 


5) Avoid numbers and hyphens

It is not uncommon for new Businesses to coin catchy phrases such as ‘Fifth Avenue’, ‘Seventh-Heaven’,  and ‘The Nth Degree’ etc for their business name or catchline. When doing this, please be aware that in a Domain Name this can lead to a great deal of confusion or misinterpretation. Particularly when numbers are used, it is unclear to customers whether they should type your Domain Name numerically or in words, and if or where they should use the hyphen. This lack of clarity can lead to customers passing your Website by, or worse, by mistyping - landing on a competitor Website. 


6) Be memorable

It goes without saying that buying a Domain Name perfect for your Business can be tricky. However, if you are in an industry that is particularly saturated already, for example, if you are new to the industry or new to the area the Domain Names available can be tough to choose from. Ways to make sure your customers remember or recognise your Domain Name in future include: keeping it concise, focussing your Domain Name around your Industry as much as possible, and the Area you provide services (as previously mentioned). The Store will always offer alternatives, with alternative Domain Extensions so be sure to check them out. For example, might not be available, but you might find or 


7) Do your Research

If you’re purchasing a new Domain Name, there is a good chance you might be a new Business Owner. Of course, when setting up a new business there is a lot to do. However, this one is important. If you are in a saturated market or there is a lot of competition in your industry local to you, a lot of the good Keyword-based Domains have probably been sold to somebody more established in your area. Check out the alternative Domain Names, but before you do that, check out your competition. In this current climate, if a Business is doing well, other people will want to do what they do. It is possible they may have taken measures to copyright, trademark and protect their Business Names and Branding. Before you launch your business and buy your Domain Name, first check that you aren’t treading on anyone's toes and running into a legal headache. Take legal advice where necessary. 


8) Protect the brand

Leading on from my last point, the goal is to grow in Business, and in turn, your Website will see huge increases in traffic and Search Engine Rankings becoming firmly established on the Internet. For this to happen you need to cast a wide a net as possible, ensuring nobody who might search for you slips through. What mistakes and variables are made when people search for your Domain Name? Did you know that you can have many more Domain Names than Websites, you don’t need a Website per Domain Names. Simply buy the variable Domain Names (this would be commonly made spelling errors, commonly mixed-up words, previous business names people search for you under) and you can forward then all into your one Website. 


9) Build the brand

Finally, when you are succeeding in business, people will often try to emulate what you do, following your approach to the letter. Purchase similar Domain Names that would disrupt or dilute people searching for yours. This safeguards your business in the future from competitors running expensive Ad Campaigns under your Business Name causing confusion.



Alternative Domain Extensions to Consider: 

.co - used for Company, Commerce or Community

.info - used for informational text-heavy sites

.net - used for technical internet infrastructure 

.org - used for none commercial, or non-profit Websites

.biz - used for e-commerce, commercial, online business

.me - used for cv’s and resumes, personal Websites and Blogs


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