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Whether you’re a business owner, a web host, a hosting reseller, or a corporate company, you will know how essential holding backups can be. Be it customer data, emails, website developments or files - large or small, if you have ever experienced the need to immediately restore a backup- you will know how essential it is to be secure in the knowledge that you have what you need, and can restore it. 


However, in the ever-shifting organic world of web, it can be difficult to pinpoint who is responsible for ensuring the backups are stored, and who should provide the service. Some hosting companies providing cheap none-support hosting will abdicate responsibility and simply host your domain name and website on a server offering no backups, other hosting companies will insist they take backups when in-fact they are relying on data stored in the Cloud unreliably. Some hosts will claim they hold backups when in truth they are a reselling for a parent hosting company - meaning getting to the backups can be inefficient. In some cases, the customer will rely on their website developer to hold backups for website edits, and some companies will opt to store their own backups more traditionally - which is costly, time-consuming and fills servers. 


There must be a simpler way, so what is it? 


R1Soft Server Backup Manager (SBM) 


The R1Soft Server Backup Manager (SBM) is the most efficient, reliable, and affordable way to backup software. Adaptable to both virtual and physical server environments, R1Soft Server Backup Manager provides full backup storage, whilst also optimising storage allowing users much longer on individual recovery points saving vast amounts of hassle upgrading and monitoring available space. SBM starts by taking an initial replica of your entire data set, and then continuously monitors changes to that data, saving only the bits of information that have changed since the last backup. The nature of this ‘Block Level’ technology means that the window of time spanning between backups can be reduced hugely, sometimes to increments as little as 15minute windows. This means that you can restore data to a particular point in time, almost guaranteeing that the exact point you want to go back to has been captured. This technology is unrivalled in both accuracy and reliability. 


The Technical Benefits


As great as all that sounds, I've already mentioned that backups can be a complex beast to alter once set up, and many responsible companies have them, and cannot be without them, so the following points are the key reasons we at 365Hosts ONLY use R1Soft Server Backup Manager, why we recommend them to all of our clients, and ultimately why we became Elite Partners with R1Soft®.


  • Site-to-site replication:

Data is securely replicated across all Server Backup Manager servers. Data can be restored from any one. 

Replicated Disk Safes can be used to restore protected servers, even if the primary server is unavailable. 


  • Data Retention Policies:

The way in which your recovery points merge will be established and automated. 

This also means that storage can be recycled to optimise efficiency. 


  • Robust API:

Administrative tasks, billing and provisioning systems can be easily automated using SOAP API.


  • AES-256 Encryption:

Ensure your data is protected while static or on the go, through industry-standard encryption.


  • Onsite & Offsite Backups:

Efficient Disk Safe replication with support for Amazon Glacier or any custom target through simple scripting.


How do I Backup using R1Soft?


Thankfully, using R1Soft Server Backup Manager couldn’t be easier. Keen to encourage users coming from the smallest to the largest companies to use R1Soft Server Backup Manager, we have eliminated the lengthy process that can arise with traditional backup methods, and have broken it down into the simplest 3 step process: 


Determine your storage quota, 


See your Backups.


It really is that simple. Using 365Hosts to store all of your backups using R1Soft® Server Backup Manager will drastically improve not only your confidence in implementing developments but also your general workplace efficiency. You won’t look back - only to Backup! 



For more information, chat to an R1Soft ambassador Here.


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