2019 Internet Usage Statistics


Technology is ever-rapidly developing and advancing and we are hurtling through phases and technological milestones at a record pace. Given the availability and access to a wide range of payment plans, it has never been easier for us to hold the latest technology in our hands and use it to communicate, to buy and sell, to learn and to push the devices to their limits. Technology coming from the fringes of our society, into a pivotal role may have its drawbacks, but to business, it has never been more crucial, and if you are thinking about coming into the online space and using it set up an online business, there has never been a better time. 


Here are a few reasons why if you are thinking about taking the leap, now is the time:


The Rise Of the Mobile 


Developers and business owners alike now know that with the current number of Mobile Phone users sitting around the 4 Billion mark (about half of the planet’s entire population) there is no sense in building websites that don’t function well on a phone, and conversely, the Tech giants know that now that we are all browsing on the go- there is no sense in developing mobile technology that does not embrace and enhance the online shopping experience. 2019 statistics show that 48% of our online browsing is currently done on a mobile device, that figure has almost doubled since 2014 due to 4G and broadband improvements, and doesn’t look set to slow down, so if you’re thinking about putting a shop online, make it mobile friendly, and make it now!


Make the most of your Social Media 


There are currently 3.5 Billion Social Media users, spending 2 hours and 15 minutes per day on Social Media - that is 33% of the time we spend online. Facebook alone has 2.2 Billion active users each month, closely followed by Youtube and Instagram. So, the chances are you’re already on Social Media. Instead of letting it take up over 2 hours of your day that you are not productive, why not turn it around and use it to make money! The right use of social platforms to promote your work or online store can drastically market and raise awareness for your brand, in turn generating a great return. It is the simplest way to target your precise audience and keep things current, and you never need to go into paid Ads, you can keep it completely free. If things really pick up - paid targeted Ads can also be incredibly successful. 


Your Customers are already Online


The worldwide average for the time collectively spent on the Internet is over 6 and a half hours per day, although across the globe our screen-time wildly differs. The average user in the Philippines spends over 10 hours per day online, while for those in Japan that number is as low as 3 hours per day. Here in the UK, the average time spent online is 5 hours and 46 minutes. If you were on a high street trying to bring customers in you would dress your window front in the hopes on enticing in hurried passers-by, but in the online world, you have over 5 and half hours of selling-opportunity every single day! Keep providing great products and engaging content and you will see customers returning daily. 


If you’re in the UK, you’re in the best place for E-Commerce


You might be surprised to learn that despite us spending huge amounts of time online as a collective world-wide, customers in other countries online shop far less than those in the UK. In the US and Canada, and in Japan where the screen-time is lower, online sales account for less than 10% of all sales - particularly in areas with thriving city centres. However, here in the UK we nearly double that statistic with the total of our online shopping coming just under a whopping 19% of all UK trade. That figure has risen 2% in the last 8 months and continues to climb, so with the UK leading when it comes to shopping online spending on average £1200 per year ‘internet shopping’ (and with the high street economy in decline) if you are thinking about starting an online business, rest assured you’re in the right place to do it. 


The Kicker


If you have a dream of taking your business online, but you still need some gentle persuasion to go for it, here is one last statistic that might help. The estimated figure spent on online retail from 2018-2019 was £1.98 Trillion. A slice of that could be yours if you take the leap into the online world of E-Commerce where shopping and spending never sleeps, never stops, is live 24/7 and you never need to lock the door and go home.  



The developments in websites and online stores, and the advancements in our access to technology as well as having continual internet access, is hugely impacting the economic growth of UK businesses, taking bloggers from people who journal and dream - to people to write and travel and see the world all the while earning a living, and taking small-town boutiques to global retail stores - and this wave of online consumerism it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, it's time to jump on-board.  

If you want to take your business online, or set up an E-Commerce Store, contact www.365hosts.com today.  

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