Our brand was carefully built to create high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with our customers.

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It all began in 2009...


365Hosts provides scalable cloud computing and innovative business network solutions meeting enterprise needs and growing business demands. Our team strives to ensure immaculate network stability, solid server reliability and excellent customer oriented service.

Our company was carefully built to create high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with our customers and supporters. The values we own today – long-term connections, continuous improvement, being who you are – were rooted by our customers over the years of successful collaboration.

Customer Care

Who we are

We aim to be a globally known and trusted company, making our environment successful for hundreds of thousands long-term customers. We believe in the importance of long-lasting connections, continuous improvement and being who you are.

Accredited Datacenters

Accredited data centres

Our Tier 3 classified data centers in multiple locations around the world ensure higher level performance, efficiency and data security.

Frankfurt, Germany Being one of the best connected data centers in the world, our facility in Frankfurt enhances server security and reliability.

Los Angeles, USA Powerful data center in LA, California, is a global leader in data center infrastructure, guarantees immaculate connectivity and ultra-fast response times.

London, UK The powerful data center in the very central part of London city provides excellent connectivity. Being one of the largest financial centers globally and still a growing tech hub, London is a gateway to Europe, Asia and the United States. Known for its focus on security, Interxion data center in London provides a 5-layer physical security.

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Outstanding technical support

We aren't just claiming our support team are outstanding. They really are! We've hired people that are knowledgeable and intuitive to customer's enquires. They handle themselves as pros because they are. On call, 24/7, they never miss a beat and are focused on their web hosting expertise. Our staff don’t rely on boilerplate cut-and-paste support responses. Every customer receives personal help. All issues are resolved promptly and effectively. Just as it should be done.